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  Worth knowing over the Tuscany 

Tuscany - experiencing and enjoying

It gives to be understood on earth a place, where you do not need a word, in order, where it no comparison
needs, in order to feel well, where you do not need strong feelings, in order to be deeply impressed; The Tuscany, most beautiful region of Italy, master country of the Etrusker and cradle of the Italian language, became only of of Italy national poet in such a way do not have singing. And rightfully, because one thinks of the Toskana, then one thinks the green that of the silvery resplendent earth, Olive groves, the full green of the vineyards, the glowing yellow of the sunflowers and the black that Silhouettes of the zypressen. In this, from colors and forms one draws passagess landscapes three thousand years old history off, which proceeds from the Etruskern as original inhabitants. This sayful people, who was called by the Romans "Tusci ", was exactly like we today from the landscape and the mild climate of this region it inspires in such a way that it established itself there and justified its first bloom time. The Renaissance formed a further high point of the history of the Tuscany, than Gilileo Galiei itsexperiments at the tower of Pisa and Leonardo da Vinci made its famous "Mona Lisa" painted. The whole landscape breathes art and culture, because all cities and villages of the Tuskany have the monuments and Traces of the past times retains. We can feel carried back into a time, when itself the ones Cities ought still among themselves, in addition, many celebrations held themselves, their tradition partially to today received, e.g. the Palio in Siena, which takes place annually on 2 July and on 16 August. The Tuskany has different faces. Of the Tuscany probably know you the cities of the art, history, famous humans and their works. But around the landscape and the honest hospitality of the Tuscanys knows to learn, must one only once vacation there make. The gentle dear attraction of the landscape and the mildness of the climate brought a sympatisches and intelligent people out, that knew to use the treasures of the earth, and multiple achievements in the most diverse areas furnished has. The native kitchen and the outstanding wines contributed its part surely to it, the genius the Tuskany to accelerate as well as we today feel accelerated, already alone with the thought, soon into these to travel region. With one the Glae famous chianti Classico or the Montepulciano, a handful of inserted olives and a piece of tuscanys land bread you plan then enjoyment those differently trips into the cities Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Arezzo, in the Chianti area or to the sea and suspect:
Holidays in the Toskana, that holidays at the pulse impact of the time are called.

In order to investigate the Tuscany, one should be mobile. Either one comes with the own car,  -man takes a borrowing car, -man takes itself time and learns the country with the bicycle,  completely besinnlich to foot or with the bus know. One should bring along then time and patience for in any case ones. The Tuskany is not a cheap tourist country! This is over not to be experienced ahead-skillfully with wrong expectations later a disappointment. Particularly in main travel months from May to Septembers are the prices for overnight accomodation and meal in all rule rather on elevated level. Insider avoid the months July/August and come the country rather in spring and autumn. And also foggy cool November days have here their special attraction. And who empties the christmastime into that nearly restaurants under the native population spent, this special season appreciates. Particularly for enjoyer of art are the architectural beautifulnesses and works of art of the painting and sculpture to enjoy in the calm season rather. (no queues before museums, churches etc..)