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Renting and reservation conditions         

  1. Switching/lease
  Place Hans Knippertz holiday houses, vacation homes, apartments as rooms in the name and to be paid by of
accommodation-granting, in the following landlord mentioned. The seasonal prices in the price list apply. The
  switching takes place at
these prices commission-free for the homes searching. The lease applies for the landlord
  to the accommodating booking for in the
following tenant mentioned and to the duration of the agreed upon renttime,
  it comes off by my written acceptance (written reservation
confirmation) and your signed order for switching. The
recognizes the respective house regulation on. Where domestic animals are permitted, see from the
  individual offers.

  2. Reservation: As and where one books.
  You can make their reservation completely simply on-line, by telephone, in writing, by fax or by email. They
  are obligatory. I
inquire in Italy whether the date wished by you is free, if and you to me o.K. receive you from
  me a reservation confirmation and the
switching order. The order for switching request I as soon as possible from
  you (tenants) signed back. In both papers you see the data
concerning house, dwelling type, time of rent? Persons,

  3. Manner of payment, additional expenses, journey documents

  With the reservation confirmation you receive the height of the pre-payment, which you transfer to the account
  of the landlord. The
payment of balance effected then locally with the landlord. Like you seen, is Hans Knippertz
  of bare mediators the lease likewise
receives you from me writing down with the description of journey. You
  carry the pre-payment out please within the next 14 days after receipt of your documents. With a very short
  term reservation the entire rent
is immediately due in the second case. Over the receipt of payment you do not
  receive separate confirmation. Their receipt is considered as
receipt. Auxiliary costs as (bail and heating) pay you
  please to the

  4. Resignation/resignation cost insurance
   The tenant must quit the reservation in writing.
   With a resignation
the following cancellation costs apply:
   - a refusal up to       90 days before beginning of renting  20% of the rent,
   - a refusal between 60 days before beginning of renting  50% of the rent,
   - a refusal between 30 days before beginning of renting 100% of the rent.
   I recommend the conclusion of a travel resignation cost insurance to you.

  5. Time of rent, journey, departure, defects, complaints and unforeseenablenesses
  Those holidays domicile is nationaltypically furnished.
  Those bath-,
bed-, and table laundry is by the most objects, contained in the price.
  The house is heatable.
  Sufficiently parking lots are available. (use on own danger)

  The minimum renting time amounts to amounts to 7 days, with daily lettings min. 3 days.
  After arrangement the beginning of renting can
daily otherwise with most also is it Saturday.
  The dwelling are
available from 16-19.ooh. Later arrival the landlord is to be informed. (s. travel documents)
  On the last holidays day I ask you,
the dwelling to 09.3oh in broom-pure condition inclusively.
  To hand
over cleaned table-ware and distant garbage.
  Objections are to be
regulated during your stay with the owner, damage caused by the tenant are by this
  to be paid on the spot or become with evtl. Bail
  The landlord does not take over adhesion over suffered damage
to persons, animals and mobile goods.
  Current and water losses do not
entitle themselves to claims, there it thereby around typical
of southern Countries acts.