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Objects of interest in the Tuscany


Although Pisa still some kilometers away from the sea lies, Pisa has a glorious past as sea power. The city is divided by the Arno into two parts, whereby that southern in a light river loop lies. World-famous the Piazza is natural dei Miracoli: the cathedral district generously put on at the northern edge of the center with as slates tower admitted Campanile, the cathedral, Baptisterium  and Camposanto the cemetery, ditself up a green surface quite freely arrange and not directly from other buildings are enclosed. Except that the inclined tower naturally an attendance and few,  are the three buildings of masterpieces are worth photos ital. Architecture and more pisaner Romanesque in the special one. The center of the old part of town with many beautiful churches and Palazzi forms the Piazza dei for Cavalieri with the Palazzo of the same name and the church S. Stefano dei Cavalieri. Not far of it the Palazzo dell'Orologio with that Tower of hungry. Worth seeing those is direct gothical church Santa Maria della Spina to southern Arnobank.   or

trips into the province: 
The province Pisa borders only on a short piece close of the city on the sea (Marina the Pisa), and extends itself then behind Livorno suedl. in the interior. To the sea the nature park Tenuta Migliarino extends San Rossore Massaciuccoli, with enrich animal and plant world. Only few kilometers suedwestl. is appropriate for the city the pretty Roman church San Piero a Grado, where angebl. hl. the Petrus is to have gone ashore. Fresco cycle on the inside reminds of this episode. Calci,  a  small place at the Monte Pisano with Roman Parish church, is (therefore it the name) in the past for the limestone dismantling admits been. Not far this place is the Certosa di Pisa, a close-similar Kartause also in the baroque time changed monastic church and two cross courses. A further village  worth seeing is Vicopisano, with one Church in the pisanisch-Roman style and a castle.
On a moved history San Miniato can look back; based of the Romans, was it Langobardencity and seat of the Mark counts Tusziens, before Friedrich II. (Barbarossa) here a castle established (tower again constructed). The cathedral is worth seeing, seminar building and several Palazzi. In November the celebration of the white Trueffels here always takes place .
Volterra is certainly one of the smaller routistic skin places of the Toskana; wonderful prospect situation, Art, history and arts and crafts. Important Etruskerstadt, roem. Municipium, free city in the Middle Ages and to today center of the alabaster processing, retains Volterra in medieval townscape, antique ruins and etruskische certifications. Piazza Priori  with the of the same name Palazzo, cathedral Santa Maria Assunta, Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo Arcivescoville, church S. Francesco, fiorentinische fortress, Teatro Romano (1st Jh) outside of the walls the very rare however well received Town-gate etruskischer time (Porta dell'Arco).Larderello is one of the places in the Colline metallifere, where borhaltige steam impacts come from the earth
and today for power production to be used.