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Everything about olive oil


                                                                       -  the special of the olive oil
                                                                       -  the naehrwert of the olive oil
                                                                       -  a valuable food
                                                                       -  the welfare strength of the olive oil
On all hills of the Toskana one finds olive cultures, in those the fruits for that excellent  "OLIO EXTRA VERGINE D`OLIVA"
grows. If the optimal Ripe condition is reached, that is beginning to in the middle of November, becomesthese with that Hand picked and immediately to the oil gun brought. Still on the same day become theolives according to the traditional method by the weight of Muehlsteinen zerkleinert. This is a condition,cut up around a product of such erlesener quality to attain. The paste developed in such a way is paintedon mats and then under large pressure pressed. Only this oil, which down-drips with first presses, is that "COLD PRESSED OLIVE OIL - OLIO EXTRA VERGINE D`OLIVA" (one calls it now also "NATIVE OLIVE OIL EXTRA"), it has fatty acid content of less as 0.6% and the originality constitutes. One permits the oil to serve, naturally over avoid that the wohlgeruch is lost through filtering. Only then it becomes in Bottles filled up. Analyses of different food laboratories showextremely low values of fatty acid. By the pleasant fragrant and the taste of freshness belongs this OILto the most valuable ones. In the kitchen it becomes the taste refinement from neutral, little aromaticcourts uses. Here itself the characteristic taste can do this outstanding tuskans "OLIO EXTRA VERGINED`OLIVA" unfold full. This olive oil is the best and Healthiest one, because to its production only olivesmature pressed and on closing to be filtered. Differences in color and taste result from differrentlyground condition, climatic differences, the distance of the trees to Sea, from the age of the trees andthe respective sun exposure.

The oil, which is won from olives, is with distance the best foodfat. Even those Americans, who have even no important oil production, have that food value and the therapeutic qualities of the oil discover. In the year 1977 confirmed Professor Angel key from the University of Minnesota after research of many years those prvently effectiveness of the olive oil for vorbeugung against Arteriosklerose and cardiac infarct. He was a first modern physician, that the meaning "mediterranen Diet" confirmed, in which the olive oil plays a large main role. First the olive oil is the only fat, that with simple pressing of the fruit - one wins without chemical or other additives -. Seed oil becomes against it extracted. For this special devices and chem. additives become such as butane, propane and Hexane uses. Our body needs fats, in order to hold its temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. This fats should be neutral, are however easily acid in reality. Crucially for our organism are Oleinsourness, linseed oil acid and peanut oleic acid. For a while it was maintained that seed oil was more valuable than olive oil, since it contains more linseed oil acid. Neure studies resulted in however that the human body only 10-12 % linseed oil acid to assimilate can. Olive oil bears very high temperatures, without it in its chem. structure is destroyed.It does not increase the Cholesterinmirrow. The acid of the Olive oil has rather the characteristic, thecontent of LDL (that is harmful) too reduce and the Cholesterin HDL too received, which the danger ofArterien blockage prevents. The olive oil does not only reduce the acid of the gastric juices, it affectsitself also positively the gall out (decreased risk of gallstone). It supports even the bone growth ofinfants. Why should one do therefore thus without olive oil?

Vegetable oils are rich at insatiated fatty acids. These fatty acids are for our organism indispensably, there only it certain metabolic procedures possible make. In order to take up the optimal quantity of insatiated fatty acids, one should take at least 4 spoons olive oil on the day to itself. There is no contraindication for the consumption of fresh olive oil. It is important, the correct oil for the respective To select kind of preparing. During cooking the oil changes by warmth and oxygenation in its characteristics. For example and will work linseed oil acids  thereby health-endangering. For this reason it is necessary, with To consider roast with oil some general rules:
                                                             - the flame/heat may be to high never,
                                                             - the oil may not be heated up longer than 20 min.,
                                                             - the oil may be never used several times.

Under diaetly criteria the olive oil extra Vergine is an extremely valuable food, richly at chlorophyll, carotin (the liquid protects against oxidizing and before will be ancid), at Lecithin (the admission of fats, sugars stimulates and Proteins), at Poliphenolen and vitaminen
A and D.

In that Antique one was usual it, itself after a recreating bath or before a sportly match with aromatizedolive oil mass to let. Also today it gives some places, at those physicians a "flavour therapy" for the healthand beauty of the Body offer. The therapy sits down however from several treatment fields together:

                                          -  the Massage with aromatic oils (shifts u with Essenzen from the sheets.
                                             Fruits  of the olivenbaumes, those always with oil to be again freshly mixed;
                                             After instruction of the physician excerpts become of Bergamotte, Basilikum,
                                             chamomile, Kampfer, Eukalyptus and other Plants added).
                                          -  baths and inhalation;
-  special herb parliamentary allowance and herb teas.

With this kind of the Massage the oil is given on the skin. Thus it into the body penetrates,neuromusculartechniques are applied, to the nervous system and the meridiane influence. As reaction to the Massagethe nerve ends communicate with the internal organs, the glands, the cycle and over the blood with the brain, the heart impact, blood pressure, respiration, Libido and the anti-stress reactions. The pure oils stimulate the skin, ease and bring energy, even if it with water are diluted. The trailers of naturalwelfare methods see more in the olive oil thus as only one food. Also the water for a relaxing bath can beenriched with oil (one can add also lavendel or chamomile excerpt). Who has fragile fingernails, shouldthe fingertips into lukewarm oil bath. Not least lindern massage with olive oil jokes with Arthritis. But the ranges of application of olive oil pass still much on. Even in the household the olive oil showsits versatility. For example one can Salad dishes made of wood with lukewarm water without detergentsclean and fastened. grease also little oil; even moving shoes made of leather remain soft and for waterun permeable, if one  rubs  it in with oil; likewise iron pans and pots, which one to used, should be alwaysgreased before clearing with oil.