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Montaione in the culture triangle  Florenz - Pisa - Siena
                Opinion: Montaione

 -  Tourist tax!!!  

IN: Montaione, the place for holidays in the Green 343 oNN,  postal code: 50050,  Phone dialing code: 0571
- leave to recovering - for easing - for enjoying - or let simply the soul dangle.
This small, sympathetic place approx.. 3424 inhabitants., district of the community: is appropriate for 104,9 qkm,
in the center the culture triangle of Florenz, Siena and Pisa, in the heart of the green Toskana, approx. 12. km of
Castelfiorentino removes at the western edge of the Chiantigebietes on a hill with far view on vinegards, olive groves
and a wonderful, forest-rich landscape. Into and around Montaione learns the guest know and love and knows the simple
life on the country nevertheless at the same time on trips much art and culture enjoy.
          Pictures: Piazza della Repubblica  with Via S. Ammirato and via Chiarenti,     Tourist informations and museum, Via Cresci 15,

The center has a simple sketch, with three parallel roads. That Praetorenpalast from that 14. century is to emphasize with its numerous coats of arms the former Mayors and Stadtvoegte, who are manufactured from stone and Majolika. To the Piazza della Repubblica should you in the 1118 were pleased church San Regolo, from that 13. century
coming precious paintings "to the Madonna with the child" regard. The famous kitchen with its native courts loads for imitation in. Those added get in business approximately around the Piazza of Montaione. Here still that has itself
"aunt Emma shop" held, in which you are in the best way personally served. The spontaneous and cordial hospitality of humans will fascinate you. On the other side of the Piazza door is, behind one with branches of brushwood adjusted
the furnace of the baker heated with olive wood. If you follow in the morning only to the smell, then become
They it find alike. Also the physician Dr. Ciabatti is in the case of a case always for you there. Further objects of interest: Mansion there Filicaia at the road after Gambassi, not far of it roem. Cistern from that 2. century a.Chr., them is 27 m long, 3 m broad and in three partitioned, 400 m
3 water seizedand became rectangular basins from the sources in Poggio all`
Aglione fed. The local part Iano became admits by the Onyxquarries in the environment as well as
the half jewel and jewel processing.
The castle of Castelfalfi around the year 700 of that Langobarden Faolfi based in the year of 1395 during the wars between Florentinern and Pisanern destroys, afterwards with 4 towers and wall belts again developed. A further seeing worthyness is in the proximity of Montaione the lain Monastery of San Vivaldo based on 14. century Montaione became in the middle of the 80's by the "Agriturismus" = "vacation on that Land property/farm", in Germany admits. In the large local parts there are many
Vinefarms, its old purged farmsteads outstanding restores and into decorations
Vacation homes converted. Never discover on a landgut one vacation, you and with that you experienced before however immediately trust are: IN: That is "Agriturismus". That leads back you into a world, which you actually feel as the own one. Nowhere gives it one similar nature as here. The seperate farmhouses, the medieval villages, the vineyards, the oliventrees, the zypresse: They can with the Agriturismus in the Toscany up
a landgut, experience one vacation in the country. They can drive to the vineyards and Oliventrees along with the Mountain Bike, up to ride or walk go to marked paths, on the search for the thousand faces of this Country, which enjoy typical products of the area: The large wines with the designation D.O.C.,
the olive oil from first pressing, the meat, the cheese...
IN: Alternatively there are vacation home/apartments or holiday houses to rent also at families,
which lie off the large winefarms, here one feels ital. Life, and does not live
OUT: Door at door with Alice.
Trip reservations with the bus after: Florenz - Siena - Pisa - Lucca, over the tourist office in the city hall or directly with Autoservizi RENIERI Montaione tel. 0571-69 76 07 + 0571-67 70 84.
  Tuesday - SIENA,
  Wednesday - PISA LUCCA,
  Thursday - FLORENZ.   Price approx.. 23-28 €
Departure 08,15 h Piazza Cavour Montaione. Travel guidance enclosed.
It is also a departure from the vacation home possible.
With Autoservizi RENIERI you can rent also borrowing cars.
Sporty manipulation: In Montaione, campi comunali Parco dei Mandorli, gives it several oeffentl.
Sand tennis places, (one considered) tennis reservation Tel. 0571-6 92 47 and
6 well out-described    Trekking routes as well as riding paths,
Western o. Trekkingreiten to book: Gelsomino Ranch, Via Mura 22, Mobil-tel. 0039 /333-140 2531
Pistolese Ranch, Via Samminiatese 34, Mura, tel. 0571 / 6 91 96, Mobil: 0039 / 3333 874 3610 or 0039 / 333 596 125
as well as moving routes

For walked and bikken it is advisable by the office of the tourism- information to equip for only approx. 2.60 € with a leader (graduation 1:25000) to themselves with in which 6 traveling tours and trekking tours are marked.

  Tour  1           Tour  2            Tour  3            Tour  4            Tour  5            Tour  6

The weather in the Toskana within 36 hours,                  and the weather in Montaione
                                        (they click on the map)                                                                                       (you click the Link on)              
                      Weather of the Tuscany

and a very beautifully convenient golf course bis in Castelfalfi approx.. 9 km of
here. I 50050 Castelfalfi Montaione (FI)  Italy Tel.: +39 0571 69 80 93-94; Description:
Park landscape; To the plant: Holes 18, Par 73, standard 73, length 5870 m; No Handicap;
Clothes: No regulations; Reservation: advisable; Greenfee: € 31.00 EVALUATION: ***;
OPENING TIMES: Daily opened;
Castelfalfi has got an own homepage in English.   Enter

For the evening pleasure        of young humans, are Disco`s
in in Castelfiorentino "Kaleido - Discothek", Zona Industriale Malacoda  and in
Via Santa Maria A Chianni 58.

Purchase - supermarkets:
Montaione:         COOP Viale Italia, 08.30-13.00 / 17.00 - 20.00h; Thurs. aftern. closed.
Mura: Metzger:    IL Mattone, via Mura 72, the bio butcher is somewhat more expensive, but point
Castelfiorentino:   COOP Via L. da Vinci, 08.30-20.30h; Mon. 14.30-20.30h
Certaldo:           COOP Via Monteverdi, 08.00-20.00h; Thurs. 08.00-13.00h
Gambassi Terme:  ITALMEC Via Buozzi 46/a, 0700-13.00h u. 16.00-20.00h; Thurs. aftern. closed.

  Important telephone numbers:
  Polizia stradale - traffic police 113
  Carabinieri - police 112 in Montaione Via Cresci 3, Tel. 0571/6 90 16
  Vigili del fuoco - fire-brigade 115
Tourist informations ans museum, Via Cresci 15,  Tel.0571/69 92 55 (one speaks engl.)
opened in the vacation time from o9.oo-13.oo clock and in the July/August also of 17.oo-19.oo clock.
Physicians in Montaione:
Dr.C.Ciabatti,Piazza Cavour 11; Tel. 0571/6 92 42,Mon.,Tues.,Thurs.,Sat.:09.30-12.30h; Wed.:17.00-19.00h
Dr.P. Novelli, Via Matteotti 1; Tel. 0571/69 76 48,Thurs.-Sat. 10.00-12.00h; Mon.,Thurs.,Fri. 17.00-19.00h
Dentists: Dr. D´Arienzo Arturo, Piazza Gramsci 3, Tel. 0571 69 80 80
              Dr. Lacerenza Vito, Via Pietro Nenni 9, Tel. 0571 69 79 18
German Dentist in Certaldo, Dr. Troester, Tel. 0571/65 25 45
Montaione: Farmacia = pharmacy Priamo, via Roma 46; Tel. 0571/6 90 46
Gambassi Terme: Pharmacy Natali, via Volterrana 33; Tel. 0571/63 82 74
Castelfiorentino: Pharmacy Comunale n. 2, Piazza Grandi 19; Tel. 0571/63 11 67
(medical emergency service) Guardia medica in Montaione, only at night and on weekend; Tel. 0571/6 93 90
Hospital in Castelfiorentino, Tel. 0571/61 212
Azienda Sanitaria Locale n.11 - Distretto Montaione, tel.0571/69070
(ufficio amministrativo), 0571/699474 (ambulatorio infermieristico).
Restaurants at Montaione and environment:

Bar Pizzeria ALBERI d´Amico Maria Grazia, Loc. Alberi, Via Alberi 6-8, Tel. 0571/67 70 03
(please reserve) Rustikal Garden with Pizza stove, Bread- a. food purchase Sundays too, Cigarettes;

Bar Ristorante IL CASTELLARE DI TONDA, Loc. Piaggia, Tel. 0571/6 91 11

Ristorante Trattoria dell´Ozio, Via Zara 81, Corazzano,Tel. 0571/46 28 62
(please reserve) particularly recommendable!)
Trattoria CASA MASI, Loc. S. Benedetto Mura, Tel. 0571/67 71 70
Ristorante IL CAMINETTO, Loc. Mura, Tel. 0571/67 70 52
Pizzeria L´ANTICO BORGO, Loc. Iano, Tel. 0571/ 69 80 30
Ristorante IL FOCOLARE, Loc. San Vivaldo, Tel. 0571/6 94 98
Ristorante IL CASTELLO, Loc. Castelfalfi, Tel. 0571/6 94 31
Bar Pizzeria MEDICI, Tenuta di Castelfalfi, Tel. 0571/69 77 33
OSTERIA SAN VIVALDO, Via S. Vivaldo 21/23, Montaione, Tel. 0571/6 92 64
Pizzeria L´ERASMUS, Via Kennedy 20, Montaione, Tel. 0571/69 78 66
Ristorante Osteria del pesce rosso, Via Chiarenti 14, Montaione Tel. 0571 6 90 10  (please reserve) small but fine
Ristorante CORTE ANTICA, Via Chiarenti 46, Montaione, Tel. 0571/69 81 78
Ristorante Pizzeria IL PRATO, Via Donatori di Sangue 6/7, Montaione, Tel. 0571/6 95 46
Ristorante CARPE DIEM, Viale da Filicaia 65/67, Montaione, Tel. 0571/69 78 88
L`Angolo del buongustaio, Via G. di Vittorio 4, Montaione, Tel. 0571/698378 Fastfood, very good  ital.
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